OMG! It’s a FREE 5K!!!

3 04 2013


That’s right, bitches and SOBs.

Tentative (though pretty much certain) Definite date: Thursday, May 9th at 6:15 p.m. (weekday evening! Don’t act like you’re not excited!)

Where: Edwin Warner Park, picnic shelter #9

Course: Greenway out to cell tower and back. It doesn’t get any flatter than this. PRs for everyone! Even Trent!

Awards: First male and female finishers will receive prizes that are far beyond their wildest dreams.

Water Stops: HA HA HA!! At a 5K?! Hilarious!

Finish Area: Water, Gatorade, unhealthy snacks, and something XXX in a brown bag.

After Party: Either PUBlicity or Jonathan’s depending on the whims of the Run Bitches.

More updates to come. You’ll be there….RIGHT?

UPDATE: To answer some questions, the event is rain or shine, though not rain and thunder and lightning. Shelter # 9 is on the back side of Edwin Warner Park. Enter the park from Vaughn Rd. (off Old Hickory at the stop light. Percy Warner Park and the Steeple Chase are on the other side of Old Hickory at the light.) Follow the road into the park all the way to the end. You’ll see the shelter and the Run Bitches glitter-tastic banner.




11 responses

3 04 2013

Sumbitch! This bitch has a big triathlon 2 days later so she can’t go. Dammit. One of these days I’m going to come to a bitch run!

4 04 2013
Bill Menees

That picture is awesome!

A Thursday night race is not so awesome. But I may be acting.

4 04 2013

Bitches strike again.

4 04 2013

WooHoo–a free birthday 5K!! Well it’s one day after my BD…

4 04 2013

I’m bringing the bullhorn to yell at people as they go flying by..definitely need drinks afterwards!

19 04 2013

Where is picnic shelter #9?

22 04 2013

Cheryl – I’ll wear my ipod – you’ll have to try harder….

2 05 2013
Andy Johnson

Run Franklin’s Thursday night group will be there!

2 05 2013

Yay!!! So many bitches and SOBs!!!!!

6 05 2013
tony recker

I’m planning on being there! A thursday night run after selling running shoes all day. I just need to bypass the traffic on Hillsboro Pike!

10 05 2013

Thanks to everyone who came out last night..good times!!! Stay tuned for the next Run Bitch event!!

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